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i like it over here. while IT sleeps on people's laps, i watch and wait....

can you see what's in her hand?!

it's THE CUZ!!!

i also keep watch out the windows. right out that window you can see the house next door and they have MOOSE (a golden retriever) and sometimes a lab that i have to bark at whenever they head out to go to the bathroom.

oh look, IT's snuggling again... jeesh. i must shove the cuz in there.

TOMORROW i'll show you things that only happen HERE AT THIS HOUSE!!! massah NEVER gives us ANYTHING, but that sneaky massah-in-law find ways to pamper and spoil us! but for now i'm pretty tired so i'm going to take a nap.

shout-out to my boy balboa!!! i'm dreaming of YOU!!!


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