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so i'm still pretty sad about sadie. but when she passed away, it left a gaping hole in the "alpha dog" status here in this house (we're living with massah's parents until we get our own place - what a GREAT thing that is!). of course, it is my responsibility to step into the boss position. heaven forbid IT be allowed to have any kind of authority - we'd all end up eating poo and snuggling all day long, ugh. it's pretty hard work... i have to sleep in the exact same position that sadie slept in at night, i have to get up at the same exact time sadie got up (5-30 in the morning!!) i have to follow motch around exactly like sadie did... it's just never ending! it exhausts me.

one good thing, though. massah took IT to the dog park this weekend. i am not allowed to go because i am not nice to the other dogs. like i care. anyway, while IT was isolating himself (he wouldn't play with the other dogs - he just wandered around the perimiter of the fence - HA!) i was lounging around the house like an only dog. fabulous. and on top of that, LOOK WHAT MOTCH GAVE TO ME!

ahhhh.... i haven't had a nice big bone in an LOOOOOOONG time. what a great day.


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