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so massah has been packing, getting ready for our move this weekend. and guess what that blasted woman found.

yes. that bloody jersey that is TOO SMALL for me now.

can you tell i'm not happy? i hid that thing pretty well in the back of her closet. i never thought she'd find it behind all the junk in there. apparently "packing" involves taking everything out of the closet, and hence the jersey.

yes, that is a roll of fat on my neck where the jersey is cutting into my trachea or whatever it is that you breath out of. i thought i was dying of suffocation.

i made sure not to let her get any good pictures. now, i LOVE the cubs, and they're even beating the cardinals right now (sorry bruin), but if she's going to make me wear one of these things she needs to get one in the right size. i look like the fat doofus wearing this.


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