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massah got this new toy for us last night. it's a GENERIC cuz, so i was slightly wary, but once you see this video you'll see why it's now one of my favorites. (you need to turn the volume ALL THE WAY UP to fully appreciate the goodness.)

ahhh... fabulous.

i uploaded it to youtube now, so you should be able to see it....
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i love bones

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we must not tell massah what i am about to show you here. it is TOP SECRET. first i look at massah-in-law with overwhelming love in my eyes (massah calls it "overwhelming begging" when i do it to her - she doesn't understand).

and then she lets me have a lick.

and then another lick.

and THEN she GIVES ME SOME of her iced coffee!

i realize this is not as spectacularly impressive as some of the other cuisine i've seen on the blogs, but for me this is HEAVEN!

oh NO!!! i just got a message saying there isn't enough space on here for me to show you all my pictures!!! i'm off to figure out how to fix that. i'll try to be back soon.
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i LOVE car rides

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i like it over here. while IT sleeps on people's laps, i watch and wait....

can you see what's in her hand?!

it's THE CUZ!!!

i also keep watch out the windows. right out that window you can see the house next door and they have MOOSE (a golden retriever) and sometimes a lab that i have to bark at whenever they head out to go to the bathroom.

oh look, IT's snuggling again... jeesh. i must shove the cuz in there.

TOMORROW i'll show you things that only happen HERE AT THIS HOUSE!!! massah NEVER gives us ANYTHING, but that sneaky massah-in-law find ways to pamper and spoil us! but for now i'm pretty tired so i'm going to take a nap.

shout-out to my boy balboa!!! i'm dreaming of YOU!!!
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so i'm still pretty sad about sadie. but when she passed away, it left a gaping hole in the "alpha dog" status here in this house (we're living with massah's parents until we get our own place - what a GREAT thing that is!). of course, it is my responsibility to step into the boss position. heaven forbid IT be allowed to have any kind of authority - we'd all end up eating poo and snuggling all day long, ugh. it's pretty hard work... i have to sleep in the exact same position that sadie slept in at night, i have to get up at the same exact time sadie got up (5-30 in the morning!!) i have to follow motch around exactly like sadie did... it's just never ending! it exhausts me.

one good thing, though. massah took IT to the dog park this weekend. i am not allowed to go because i am not nice to the other dogs. like i care. anyway, while IT was isolating himself (he wouldn't play with the other dogs - he just wandered around the perimiter of the fence - HA!) i was lounging around the house like an only dog. fabulous. and on top of that, LOOK WHAT MOTCH GAVE TO ME!

ahhhh.... i haven't had a nice big bone in an LOOOOOOONG time. what a great day.
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stop taking our picture!

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two sad people trying to be happy.

i do NOT like to cuddle, but i let massah-in-law hold me. because it made her smile.

and then i had enough.

time to close my eyes and ruin all the picures.
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just sittin&#39; around

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it's weird without sadie. massah didn't really think i'd notice too much, but i do. ever since i was a puppy, sadie has been at the house - i've never been in the house without her. and then they came home monday night without her.... i could smell her on massah-in-law, and i could see her collar that they were holding. but she wasn't around. and then they buried something that smelled an AWFUL lot like sadie. that's how i figured it out. and it's just hitting me that she's really gone. i was very sad yesterday; i didn't want to play or give a lot of kisses or even go outside. i just sat around. and last night i just had to get out of bed in the middle of the night, because it wasn't the same without sadie stepping on me and rolling on top of my body. motch though i was going to be sick, and i kinda was. not the throwing-up kind of sick, though... the missing-sadie-stomach-ache kind of sick. and everyone is really sad too... they cry a lot. and that makes me even more sad. granted, i am not the most sympathetic and caring dog, but sadie was special. she was the ONLY dog i liked. i loved her. i slept beside her lots and lots. she was never mean to me. she let me bite her long curly ears when i was a puppy. she never snapped back. she stepped on me a lot, but that was only because she was old and couldn't see me. sometimes i yelled at her when she walked on me, and i feel bad about that now. i know it wasn't her fault. i think she kinda loved me too, in her own way. i admit i was REALLY annoying as a young pup, so just the fact that she NEVER got mad at me is a testiment to her affection towards me. i loved her much more than she loved me, and if i could go back and change anything in my life, i would make sure she knew that. but somehow, i think she did. she was smarter than she let on, especially about how people were feeling. i'm pretty sure she knew how much everyone loved her, even including me.

she's buried in the back now. i'm going to respect her grave and never pee on it. i'll even keep IT away from her, because he's starting to pee on EVERYTHING with his leg lifted. i'll be sure love her now, even if i didn't show her how much i loved her while she was alive.

in time i'm sure i'll be able to sleep without thinking of her and missing her warm body. i'll be able to run around and not look for her lying on the floor. i'll be able to eat without thinking of stealing some of her food. i'll be able to go outside without waiting for her to finish her business so we could come inside together. but right now it's still hard. i miss her more than massah and everyone else thinks i do.
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time for my beauty sleep

my sader

my friend sadie has gone to heaven.

she's up there now, stalking bunnies (who always seemed to get away)....

everyone is going to love her up there - i hope the angels don't fight over who get to sleep by her until we get up there.

i was always kinda jealous of her long nose. mine's pretty squashed up.

i hope they have a hamburger up there for her. she loved her hammy.

see you again, some day!
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so massah has been packing, getting ready for our move this weekend. and guess what that blasted woman found.

yes. that bloody jersey that is TOO SMALL for me now.

can you tell i'm not happy? i hid that thing pretty well in the back of her closet. i never thought she'd find it behind all the junk in there. apparently "packing" involves taking everything out of the closet, and hence the jersey.

yes, that is a roll of fat on my neck where the jersey is cutting into my trachea or whatever it is that you breath out of. i thought i was dying of suffocation.

i made sure not to let her get any good pictures. now, i LOVE the cubs, and they're even beating the cardinals right now (sorry bruin), but if she's going to make me wear one of these things she needs to get one in the right size. i look like the fat doofus wearing this.
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